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  1. CSGO, might be able to get a friend over for that sweet HvH (among other things) Awesome of you to do this!
  2. hehe, missed that, sry c: was put off because there were prices in the mix c: and because you wrote "I got 6 CS GO"
  3. @Drudenhaus12, good luck with sales c:, might (will is a better word) tip a friend that you sell CSGO gifts (he's in a desperate need of one )
  4. function potatoTransform(x) { return hokuspokus™(x); } if(vac != potato) { potatoTransform(vac); } potato is so harmless, but lovable.
  5. passing by to say ohai c:
  6. As long as you don't drink too much of it (caffeine overdose) it shouldn't be a problem as all energy drinks contain pretty much the same stuff except the flavour.
  7. potato = ValveAntiCheat; if(potato = true) { die(potato) echo "potato died - 9000 points to Gryffindor" } else { echo "potato died before living - such paradox" }
  8. Looks like some rad protection you have there Chod, would be soo awesome if I could code such stuff, but I'm mainly focusing on web stuff right now Ontopic: Check so you have all antivirus and debugging software shut off, then redownload the client.
  9. Nice to have you here
  10. You need to make a bootable USB if you haven't done that, might be the problem
  11. You will probably have to wait at least to black friday for the next promotion.
  12. Now don't talk bout' lifetime, people will get jelly'
  13. I at least am And now I seriously need to eat something before going to school
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