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  1. great thanks, think i overlooked that
  2. Just wondering when the update/extensions will be since my sub also ran out Don't have access to VIP now so can't see any updates etc What im trying to say: Don't forget me
  3. i can do this for you, add me on skype: nrem.level It will be a exchange from PSC to a temp paypal account so you can pay with it or i pay for you with my account
  4. STEAM_0:1:100626 [ 10 Wins Legendary Eagle Master ] also 14,95?? add me on skype: nrem.level
  5. 8 digit VAC clean Rank: The Global Elite Wins: 36 price: 20$
  6. Already busy with unban, got banned based on nothing ( IP audit, public VPN's ) because admin again doesn't read well. Been banned 3 times before You can have a look at all my vouches everywhere, they speak for themself
  7. with all respect this is not going to work: 1. ur on a cheating forum, you are going to cheat on the account u are selling what makes it a risk to getting banned. 2. Prices are way to high 3. 4 weeks before delivery? GE = max 30 hours so spread it to like 4 days max 4. CS:GO can be purchased for 10$ on every online site.
  8. accounts are with HL1 only. It means that if you get the account banned/locked or whatever i will not replace it for obv reasons!
  9. That could be possible, i sold arround 15 accounts and i will have 100+ more in a few weeks Thanks since last 2 weeks has 800+ hours its best to keep it private and idle 2 games alone and play 2 other games for 2 weeks then you will have np. I never got called out sold, close please!
  10. These nice accounts has ALLOT of hours on many games. - 7 Digit Only idled hours Not used at leagues No bans Price: 50euro ( example picture! )
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