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  1. I have never heard of paxful, so I have nothing to say about them. I do know that some of our customer have used this method : Assuming Paxful wallet is another type of bitcoin wallet, the answer would be yes. You can send the fund from paxful wallet to the address provided by the checkout.
  2. No, slots aren't just open at the beginning of the month. Slots will open up randomly throughout the month as users choose not to renew their subscription.
  3. I think if the debit card has a VISA or Mastercard on it then you can use it like a credit card. Best way is to try, if it doesn't work then we have our answer. As for renewals, we only create an invoice. We do not have automatic payments enabled.
  4. MadMan!


    We do not support esea, and we have never bother to test it. With the way that ESEA's scan for cheats I would assume you'd get caught fairly quickly. There are no openly advertised cheats that work on esea as far as I am aware of. ESEA does not use VAC. It does not affect vac/overwatch. I wouldn't recommend it as getting esea ban, it's easier to search your steamid on google it will appear on their website.
  5. nice clips. Some Tips: net_graph 0 ; cl_show_only_deathnotices 1 when recording
  6. MadMan!


    There are a limited number of slots that is available at a single time for both EAC + Stream proof. If it is no longer an option that means we are out of slots for that particular setup. Do not buy both products as you would not be able to use both at the same time. I have notified Emiiru.
  7. MadMan!


    You will need to purchase both EAC + Stream Proof for visuals to be used with EAC. Correct information :
  8. It's hard to determine if it's legitimate or not without the in-game sound. It just looks like another ace frag video. Assuming you can hear them, yes it does look legitimate.
  9. Just a heads up for those who are interested in this type of service. Reporting a user using these types of sites does not mean it is a guarantee game ban of that account. Chods-cheats has no affiliation with this service. Use at your own risk.
  10. 1. Chod decide to reduce the price as he has additional addons such as EAC and Screenshot proof, which will increase the price tremendously and it will deter some customers who want the client + those addons. 2.Correct! If you are only on valve servers, you only need the basic without any addons. 3. Screenshot proof addons are for those who want to stream, or who use a 3rd party anticheat such as EAC or CEVO or FACEIT and want to have visuals.
  11. No this is not possible. Our only method of payments are : Bitcoin, Stripe(credit card), and SKFPay.