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  1. I have never heard of paxful, so I have nothing to say about them. I do know that some of our customer have used this method : Assuming Paxful wallet is another type of bitcoin wallet, the answer would be yes. You can send the fund from paxful wallet to the address provided by the checkout.
  2. I think if the debit card has a VISA or Mastercard on it then you can use it like a credit card. Best way is to try, if it doesn't work then we have our answer. As for renewals, we only create an invoice. We do not have automatic payments enabled.
  3. Just a heads up for those who are interested in this type of service. Reporting a user using these types of sites does not mean it is a guarantee game ban of that account. Chods-cheats has no affiliation with this service. Use at your own risk.
  4. No this is not possible. Our only method of payments are : Bitcoin, Stripe(credit card), and SKFPay.
  5. MadMan!

    payment issue

    Once, you've triggered a HWID error. You should be able to request a reset from the member area. Once you've request a reset from the member area, a ticket is automatically created for a HWID reset. Since you aren't receiving an option to reset your HWID, perhaps you can manually create a support ticket, and I might then have the ability to reset your HWID. Please go ahead and create a support ticket.
  6. You can also use paypal to btc as stated here buy another user.
  7. MadMan!


    Yes, the cheat does take a toll on systems and will reduce your fps, however it will depend on what features you are using. What is in your PC?
  8. Deathmoi08, A user has posted on how to obtain btc via paypal :
  9. you should really look at opskins or even bitskins.
  10. We have no ETA on when it will be fixed.
  11. Hello, Please do not spam our forums. We are figuring out why SKFpay is not having the coupon applied. We have no ETA on when it will be fixed.
  12. We made a decision to no longer use paypal when switching to firefly. We have no plan on bring back paypal. You can pay with SKFpay, BTC or Stripe.
  13. Seeing as you're already a customer this information is probably useless for you, but maybe helpful for those who are interested in purchasing. We do not provide any trails before purchase.
  14. they pay between 30-50% per items, They are really picky when it comes to items they will purchase.
  15. You could submit a ticket and have a chat with chod. As Metatron has quoted, you would not fall under that category.
  16. MadMan!


    If multiply users get vac ban, and chod has determined that we were detected. Chod will extend everyone subs depending on the length of the downtime due to check what triggered the detection. The downtime has to exceed 48+ hours. The length extension added depends on how long the that specific client is down for. Refunds depends on case by case. If a user is VAC or untrusted does not mean you are granted a refund.
  17. MadMan!


    Fakedown is currently not possible to enable. Look for correct information below.
  18. Due to our market place being extremely slow, can you wait 48 hours before bumping again. Thanks, that would be great...
  19. The internet connection won't prevent you from using the product, but your system might. If you barely make system requirements to play csgo, you may run into issue. Feel free to post your computer spec.
  20. There is a pretty big price discrepancy between item value and what SKF will pay for it. They'll buy your items between a 50-70% of the market in exchange for credit. You're better off buying BTC with paypal than to do a skin trade for currency.
  21. By the way, they can easily revoke prime from an account that has prime on it.
  22. If your friend was convicted by overwatch, he probably was hacking. He may not have been aimbotting, but it might have been oblivious to the overwatch observers that he was wallhacking. Honestly, most overwatch conviction are due to people being blatant with esp.
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