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  1. Hi Faceless, hope I can get a month free of CSGO cheese
  2. Just renewed membership Please speed up the approval process..TQ
  3. I am Brazilian player and I am looking for players to play together to get to GE u are asking the question in wrong area dude
  4. I'm sorry, reply to my message. :S:S

  5. I can play with your confing on MM? I mean I should not be afraid of playing with the confing (ban vac)

  6. another cheat or a public cheat caused you banned
  7. Playing The Division On PS4

  8. I'm from SEA. Add me, I'm looking for more people using hacks to look legit. I mostly play at night time. Thanks.
  9. it is not expensive with 1 month sub and u will most probably happy with it if u r closet hacker
  10. yes I am a returning customer myself. I left for other cheats last year, and tried 5 to 6 different cheats like XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX, XXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX and they are not better that CHOD (or even worse). So here I am again.
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