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Hello everyone,

It's a little overdue but here is my introduction. I'm Roy, 31, and i've contemplated a long time about the idea of using a service.

I've been apart of EFT since it was announced and bought the entire bundle, but my interest quickly declined over the months.
The dupe methods, the bugs, and misc. problems that were wildly announced and recorded by numerous people really drained the fun.
After reintroducing myself to the game after breaks and patches, i came to find an enjoyable game.

In my eyes i was still struggling as a casual gamer, i'm not unfamiliar with the genre or shooters but the more i played, i felt that alot of encounters
weren't as legit as i would like them to be, so to another halt and break i came - thinking i would stop indefinitely. This is where i started contemplating.

I was and am not looking for revenge, just a fighting chance and the ability to enjoy the game to it's fullest.
With a quick search on google, there were multiple providers. easily found. which enhanced my suspicion.
For ones interested, i chose Chod's because like most would, i dove into the forums to get first impressions, which were to my liking. the price is more then
fair, and most of all it FELT legitimate, honest and professional, after gaining access to the members section and the download, the chat, i wouldn't want
anyone else 'taking care of me', there are alot of defensive layers that i don't understand and people looking out for the best interest of the buyer and not
simply cashing in. Thank you for that.

I would like to say the service didn't change me drastically, but it did effect my game-play immensely, it took me looking back on my own footage to finally come
to something i am comfortable with. what i mean by that is giving everyone a fighting chance. leave the hatchlings for who they are unless provoked, don't just kill
the people  because you know what items they possess, weave through to your best capability with a small footprint is how i like to approach it, i also set the
ESP at around 25-30 feet just so i can keep my own temptation at bay.
After all there is a huge stigma around using a service you don't have to defend, but comes quite naturally because in the end we don't want to be pictured in a
certain manner, and that's why i.m.o the most do it secretly. so with that said, here is mine in it's entirety.

But most importantly, thank you. for making me enjoy myself that much more.



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