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  1. Being a long time member of the community and having seen how you guys operate and now seeing those comments makes me scratch my head, i have NEVER had a bad experience with the staff team here they have always been quick and very easy to work with. Its by far the best community i have ever been in in terms of cheating and i have always been satisfied with your products. So i jsut wanted to say that i still belive in you guys. Keep up the work lads! Been an honor to be apart of this community and i am very eager to see what comes next for chods cheats. And i really appreciate the work you put into your product and customer satisfaction. -Chanas
  2. Hey! Check the topic below.
  3. I'm no man to say anything, but I'm sure it will come back. Don't fear about launcher updates and game updates.........
  4. This is the start of something big! Good job guys!
  5. Thank you guys for giving updates. I loooove the new theme/design so far!!!!! 😀
  6. As so far my favorite cheating community (Staff and all the members) I am glad to see you guys do this, almost brings a tear to my eye. As you said this is a new ERA for Chods and i am so glad i was apart of the old and even more so that i will be apart of the New. (Special thanks to all the moderators who have been very friendly and helpful keep it up) Thank you. Good luck! -Chanas
  7. Read what sofly said right above you.
  8. Yes, it works and doesn't rubber band but isn't the fastest thing in the world.
  9. Hey! You can pay with PayPal it's in the store when you start purchasing a product.
  10. Teleports certain things to you. Read this:
  11. Hey! Welcome to Chods Cheats!
  12. I can only answer question 2 for you. No they cant open lab doors but i believe they are working on it or have tried to work on it.
  13. You can see them, its called "Player inventory" and you need item esp enabled.
  14. It would probably have to be a VIP cheat than or cost aaaalot. I would say NO to having a r6s cheat.
  15. Agreed, i am waiting for a compilation.........
  16. Indeed, its a dead game.