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I've looked into some other sources and it seems like everybody has the following features:

ESP (players, player health/stamina, weapons, equipment, horses, ect)
Auto-block (seems like nobody has a good script for this, tons of threads about it not working right)

Auto-kick(obvious af that you're cheating so if this is added it should be a separate toggle)

Auto-feint(seems legit but costs a lot of stamina)

Auto-riposte(seems nobody can get this one working properly either)
Aimbot/Prediction (everyone has aimbot but no prediction making it useless b/c of arrow travel time)


I'd love to see some features revolving around damage, possible a damage modifier if possible? Not something over the top like 1 shotting everyone but maybe the ability to add 10-20% more damage to give a small advantage.

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