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Can't beat em, might as well join em.


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I pulled the trigger last night to buy this after mulling over it for a week. EFT devs don't have a handle on the hacking epidemic, and I doubt they'll catch up. I figure if they can't clamp down on it, the game will die, and they've already lost. Now I'm playing on an even playing field again ?


This service is the most sophisticated I've ever seen tbh. Sincerely, it's some of the most eloquent software engineering I've seen. Better no-hassle DRM than I've seen on some other above-board products. Built in HWID spoofer is nice QoL. 


The actual cheat client's features are a solid 9/10. It's honestly super great, and it's always improving. No doubt it'll be a 10/10 by the end of the year. 


The backend 30 minute obfuscated builds are really impressive to me. 10 years ago I'd have thought this was sci-fi lmfao


The dev(s?) deserve your extra roubles. They're putting in some impressive work. Def will buy from them in the future if I remain undetected.


Edit: With the ESP you can actually see how many hackers there really are. There's more than I expected. Sad.

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