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? 2 weeks ago I bought the cheat .. 
I'll give you my impressions!?

Aimbot - 9,5/10
  • With recent updates, the aimbot has been superb. However, it sometimes has trouble hitting heads, but only in moments where often objects in the way are not recognized as an object. :)
  • Instantkill sometimes works for me, but for me thats not something that has something to do with the Aimbot, so it´s still 9,5 Points!
  • Unlimited Ammo doesn't work with weapons with no ammo, but to be honest you dont need that, because the Aimbot is so accurate that 2.3 Shots are always enough!


ESP - 9,5/10



  • The ESP is really really good! Yiu can overdo it, so you can not see anything but thats not negativ because anyone can adjust it as he would like to have it..
  • Crates are displayed well!
  • Whats inside Boxes and loot!
  • Wayouts
  • Player or Scavs
  • Which Weapons carry the Persons etc...


Misc. - 10/10



  • All the misc features I have used have worked perfectly,
  • i often use : unnlimited Stamina, Fast Sprint, Sky Hack, Super Jump, Speedhack [1/10 Speed]
  • All works fine!!



All in all,, i give the EFT Cheat from CHODS 9,6 out of 10 Points

I´m glad to have found this site and I hope that my review helps some Peaple.
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