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  2. ye, cheats come with a HWID spoofer
  3. we know this is not a joke and there is a upcoming roblox cheat
  4. Ive been waiting my entire Roblox career for this. Phantom Forces Here I come
  5. Unfortunately no it would not be. Most cost 20-30$ a day tbh 100GBP a month would be a steal but still out of my range. We will be lucky if chod lets it go below even 100
  6. These Devblogs are exactly what alot of us wanted. This is amazing to see a day in the life of Chod! keep em coming when you can Looks awesome
  7. Awesome news, looks great Gosh I can't wait to use em again! Safety first! In Chod We Trust!™
  8. Chod has such a way with words... ❤️
  9. RIP Chatbox 2k1 when ever 2k19 for us non member plebs

  10. Hey Chod. I just, idk wanted to make a statement. I love your cheats man. Always been top of the line. Always safety first etc. you've been a good man. Like Helios from another place. I gotta say when I first came here... I experienced a whole lotta issues but they got fixed fast and you've always been on that like a pro. Fixed em left and right like nuts. Most places just put out something and expect it should be just that. Complaints? hahah nah m8 its perfect as it it is. but.. you.. you always shot for perfection. I can respect it Dig it. I appreciate it whole lot man. Keep up the good figh
  11. you people are pretty rude tbh You wanna know if hes gonna add something for something hes not 100% sure but very confident in will work, and then you just got the audacity to be like, WELL CAN WE GET OTHER BE Cheats. LIke wait geezus christ. See How EFT pans out, DayZ Etc THEN maybe he might consider it who knows?