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EFT Honest Review


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Hello Everyone

I have been using the EFT cheat for about a couple weeks and I will give you my honest opinions.

First: This cheat is ridiculously powerful and really trumps all other cheat providers for EFT hands down
Second: The launcher is extremely responsive and I've never had a single issue with it.  It is constantly changing hashes (I think :P) so it is very undetectable
Third: Every option in this cheat works fine and the only thing I have to complain about is the PIP glitch with esp (which is not fixable since the game code is the problem)


ESP: 9/10

The esp is very in depth and I love having the option for skeleton and draw look direction in particular, the PIP is the only downside

AIM: 8/10
The aimbot is pretty decent and works as advertised, sometimes with a key bind it can be buggy but should do the job just fine

Misc: 10/10
The misc is where this cheat becomes so unfair its pretty funny.  I havent played much of this game but being able to fly hack, noclip, and speed hack is just supreme to all other players.  This is where this cheat really shines and is very impressive imo.

Thats it!

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