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Hey community, welcome to my monthly giveaway (:

There will be 2 winners. I will randomly choose them in 3 days! (13.03.18)

Each winner will receive:

1x Escape from Tarkov subscription for 1 month

To be part of the giveaway you have to leave a like or comment below.

The winners will receive the subscription as a key which can be redeemed at any time via this link: https://chods-cheats.com/resellers/?do=activate
You can also comment on which subscription i should give away next month!

Good luck to everyone and have a nice weekend ^_^

The Giveaway is over! Please check the latest posts!

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12 minutes ago, nignogular said:

Nice giveaway. Though it would appear BSG is getting on the ball to combat cheaters...

Well it seems like they are but that doesnt mean that Chod is not able to make it undetected again (if it gets detected). My last two giveaways were csgo keys so i wanted to do another game this time :P . Also you can activate the key whenever you want, so if its detected when the giveaway is over, you can just wait for it to be ud again.
In the worst case ( if it takes a long time to make it ud again ), i can talk to an admin to change the sub to another game but im pretty sure that wont be necessary ;) Edited by Faceless
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