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Hi Guys

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Hi guys I’m RJor Mr9099 call me s u please
thoight I’ll take time to let my self be known here , since I’m new 

Sites I use : Twitter ( @7Th_RJ ) 

games I play ( Rust , PUBG , Cod WW2 and Payday 2 ) - many more but who cares ;) 

Love the idea of cheating I come from a cheating background of Xbox / PS3.. 

Coding cheats for Xbox such as off host menus for games like , (MW2 , Cod Ghosts , Bo3 , Cod Aw ) many more 

Love making cheats but sadly have no time for this anymore , so I like to buy and use them more then anything , it’s nice to a grate website offering grate prices for legit cheats , unlike some other sites that get you game banned with in the first hour , so here to a new start and a grate community :) <3 

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Hey @Mr9099 welcome to chods I hope you enjoy your stay! This website is very legit nice and friendly staff everyone gets alone its pretty great :D if you have any problems with your cheats or loader not working let me know I will help fix it :D 


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Welcome and interesting you have a console cheating history. Never thought that was possible unless using jailbroken ones.

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