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  1. seeing as i havent been on this site in quite abit anything could of changed...
  2. any idea if rouge company is getting updated?
  3. Hello everyone I just got back from an holiday. STAFF i just read about the new discord and the strict rules and was wondering if I could get an invite I have been apart off chods cheats for more then 3 months brought multiply cheats off you, I know most of the staff will remember me and even some off your customers that I helped out with their cheats not working.
  4. good luck everyone. If I win I would like the eft cheat
  5. Welcome to the community buddy hope you enjoy your stay! Regards
  6. would love to use the 1st wallpaper in 4k and without chods cheats logo there but its still dope af
  7. Good Luck everyone. you can exclude me. already have the game
  8. Welcome to chods hope you stay and half fun Happy Cheating!! Regards
  9. Welcome and enjoy your stay Regards
  10. Hey bud welcome to chods great intro Regards
  11. Welcome to chods we hope you enjoy your stay Regards
  12. Hey buddy Welcome to chods we hope you enjoy your stay Regards
  13. yup just realised after I sent the post lol
  14. Hello everyone, just wanted to make this post about why I haven't been active for the past few months. so ive been having a lot of problems with my life a few months ago so I decided to stop everything and focus on my life as it was messed up. I have sorted out my life now and I will be okay to stay active again. I have also came a few problems with my pc as well but most off them are sorted Thanks for reading Regards
  15. Welcome to chods. I hope you enjoy your stay. Regards
  16. Welchey1998


    Hey buddy, welcome to chods. enjoy your stay :D Regards
  17. welcome to chods, I hope you enjoy your stay Regards
  18. Hey @Dweezy welcome to chods I hope you enjoy your stay. Regards
  19. Thank you for your review bud Regards
  20. Thanks for your review buddy :D Regards
  21. @timeshift I'm like a a few years old
  22. Welcome to chods buddy have a great stay Regards
  23. Welcome to chods have a great stay Regards