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  1. RaphaelToks

    Sub change?

    Hey @RealTubz You just need create support ticket (They will choose) Great day !
  2. Nice video This game is so fun for rage I'm having a lot of fun on my side too
  3. @Zenaku You have fail invite
  4. Hey @CarlLoveridge The best solution for me is to choose a community and stay from beginning to end. Great Day !
  5. Did you think for a second that Chods-Cheat was not the best cheat site?
  6. Hey (And Welcome) Great day haha
  7. haha ! @Faceless This is the Discord link provider
  8. Hey @timeshift Have great day and Welcome
  9. Good question I will investigate
  10. Very good review! The main thing is that you have fun with it. As said @Faceless Be careful because cheating is currently unknown at the level of detection. Great day
  11. Hey ! @tamedbeast The game is certainly not a priority for coders. But why not later? (Only the future will say it)
  12. Welcome to Chods-cheat my friend!
  13. Hey ! Welcome at Chods-Cheats
  14. Hi, We have a category in the forum that is relevant for cfg on csgo. https://chods-cheats.com/forums/forum/12-config-submissions/ To see this category in the forum you have to buy the triche csgo. And then you'll have more than to test, choose your config even adjust it! Good Bye.
  15. Salut , La meilleure chose à faire est de faire les choses dans l'ordre. C'est comme mettre du gaz dans une voiture qui nécessite du diesel