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  1. Linwes65

    The new guy

  2. Linwes65

    BattleField 4 Cheat?

  3. Linwes65

    Newbie with Chods

    Welcome to Chods :)
  4. Linwes65

    New config Test | MMHVH (it took me 10 min)

    Nice one!
  5. Linwes65

    Insert glitched stuff in here

    Welcome to Chods!
  6. Linwes65

    Testing new config :DDD

    Epic! o.O
  7. Linwes65

    Hi Guys

    Welcome to Chods my dude!
  8. Linwes65

    Metal Gear Tarkov

    Epic! :D
  9. Linwes65

    Games besides Rust?

    Never really had the chance to try out Battlefront 2, but it looks good though
  10. Linwes65

    Games besides Rust?

    Ugh, I am retarded ^^
  11. Linwes65

    Games besides Rust?

    I'll probably try it out, as far of it's reviews it is quite positive. What's EFT :O
  12. Linwes65

    CS:GO Legit clip with frags of the day

    Looks good! nice work :P
  13. Linwes65

    Games besides Rust?

    Ugh, Fortnite is so boring though, played it for a couple of games and got bored real fast, COD however I got tired of a few years back and stopped with CSGO Never trie PUBG tbh, Probably a bit too overestimated imo and I'm wondering how Battalion is like
  14. Linwes65

    Hey New Member :)

    Welcome to Chods my dude, I'm also hoping for an invitation to Rust :)

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