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  1. Any downtime will be given back anyway stated in the following post
  2. It is running , but alot of user's are reporting crashing , ive done some testing and it only seem's to be when trying to play online ,also re-frame asking for ETA's the dev's dont like it if im correct , it will be fixed soon as possible really , but its a good one to buy , ive not had an account banned yet
  3. Hi im wonder when EFT is going to be back , i also go a discord invite that ran out an wanting a new one , i miss you guys talking to you guys was funny , just ETA on EFT is all i need , i did buy a sub an it ran out before i could use it what was also a shame
  4. Having some problems with the tools atm , Thanks to Oxyde for helping me figour whats not working , and being calm after paying for the service ❤️[Closed till fixed] All you need to know is below Message me on here Or i'm in the chod's discord
  5. Doing free Signatures for now , get on chods discord and message me , cant pick what you want but ill just put one together ,there animated , or still these are all you can pick from CantThinkOfName >><< Xenirax >><<
  6. Welcome , enjoy Chods don't skip to ask questions where all here to help Mr9099
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    awww Zen u make me sad
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    Ayyyy well done
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    Brain Fuck

    Bob’s father has 4 children. Momo, Meme, and Mumu are three of them. Who’s the fourth? Answer : You should know
  10. Yeah just follow me ill drop them tomorrow finishing off a few things , and should be finished
  11. Here are some Questions you may ask before buying EFT Detected (No) Would i recommend the cheat (Yes i would best out there so far ) How long have i been using the cheat (3 Days and counting) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My config's (Will put these out soon enough)
  12. I would really like to a invite to the discord , also where could i apply for the testing program as such , i wouldn't mind helping Chod out seeing that i have experience in cheating and knowing what could be fixed and changed to help the people over here , also little tip i'm a designer
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    Hi Guys

    Hi guys I’m RJor Mr9099 call me s u please thoight I’ll take time to let my self be known here , since I’m new Sites I use : Twitter ( @7Th_RJ ) games I play ( Rust , PUBG , Cod WW2 and Payday 2 ) - many more but who cares Love the idea of cheating I come from a cheating background of Xbox / PS3.. Coding cheats for Xbox such as off host menus for games like , (MW2 , Cod Ghosts , Bo3 , Cod Aw ) many more Love making cheats but sadly have no time for this anymore , so I like to buy and use them more then anything , it’s nice to a grate website offering grate prices for legit cheats , unlike some other sites that get you game banned with in the first hour , so here to a new start and a grate community <3
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    I have paid for 30days how long will this take till i can use said cheat ?
  15. Mr1337


    Has this been updated as of the newest patch , wanting to buy