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Is it worth the money?


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You are probably wondering if this cheat is worth it at the current moment as of reading this.
Well, good news. For only $15 this cheat does more than almost any cheat out there. I've played with 80 dollar cheats for this game that don't even come close in quality.
  1. The aimbot is flawless never have I missed a shot.
  2. The Esp is absolutely stupendous, only issue is that they do not have a filter as of right now for direct items such as  being able to only add keys to it, and if they do they haven't made ease of access to the feature.
  3. Noclip/Speedhack is buggy but works if you use it right, you can follow me and use my cfg in the menu once you are in game, I have the speeds set perfectly ;)
  4. The visuals/optimization/and versatility on this menu is best by far and i've used atleast 30 menus for this game. 

All in all, I give the cheat a 9/10 if they add a few key features like esp filters for certain items or just a console command for it, it'd be a 10 no doubt.
I hope to see you in the discord as a customer ;)
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@Ressedue Thanks for the review!.

But personally i find a slight mistake or mis-conception you might've stumbled across.

The Speed-hack function infact works as intended if Chod and the other members intend to speed up the move-speed or actions within the game the trick question is that their is a certain threshold for speed-hacking that is recommended to use as it give you the best flash for your buck (Barry Allen Pun). Anyway as i was saying that magic number is between 1% and 3% also i find that if you crouch move on high speed-hack or move sideways that you can avoid majority of the speed-hack scuffed moments. Additionally you need to understand that when using the speed-hack it also increases the speed at which you lose water & food. Additionally it's recommended to have good ping when using speed-hack or NoClip.

As for NoClip. NoClip is very reliant on the internet connection between your modem & router to the servers internet node. Majority of the time when NoClip isn't working it's because your game is throttling/lagging hard or your game itself has had a memory leak which is causing sever frame drops. Additionally my personal fix for countering the memory leak is to play 1 to 6 Games with the cheat before re-launching and re-injecting so that my game has a fresh launch. As for those instances where you have a good internet connection to the server you need understand that Battlestate has shitty NetCode basis for the game and that the game does infact have desync & buggy aspects.

Notes: None of this would've been possible without @CantThinkOfName and two others that i was queing with testing shit. If anything it was a Quad Teamwork
On 20/02/2018 at 9:34 AM, Ressedue said:
  1. Noclip/Speedhack is buggy but works if you use it right, you can follow me and use my cfg in the menu once you are in game, I have the speeds set perfectly ;)
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Edit Is The Notes.
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