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Hii! Chod's Community:)

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my name is natthaphong I'm 21yrs old. I come from thailand and I'm working right now in germany for a Internet Provider as a Supporter hahah
played many hours of CS:GO with chods cheats and I'm still not banned but I can't afford time for this game anymore, because I'm working much and play only PubG without cheats right now,
because I can't buy it yet, because of the Invitation Link T.T but it's okay. I live right now alone without my family here in germany they are all in thailand and I support them from here haha that was from me and im smoking weed, kappa xD

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17 minutes ago, Torpedo said:

Welcome to Chod's
enjoy your stay (:

23 minutes ago, tamedbeast said:

Damn dude, they're in Thailand... and you're stuck in Germany... what a pity. 

Welcome to Chods mate.

18 minutes ago, 4NN1H1L4710N said:

Greetings from Germany dude

thank you guys! and greetings back! <3 saldy, can't like everything from you guys, if I could I would do it :D Edited by Natekazay

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