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  1. wasnt aware that chod is been in the business from 2013 but his cheats sure are good
  2. Not currently playing world war z or sea of thieves but it's nice to see friendly people. Hope ur doing well too
  3. I suppose it was dead by daylight. Community was bit toxic so it felt frustrating to lose sometimes. Also it was a pain to farm bloodpoints without great amount of time investment. So i use this to farm Events and bloodpoints it is a shame right now that its down during the DBD event.
  4. Maybe not my place to comment but man i got to give credit to these guys, they have one of the most simeple software ever, i have gone through some serious trails and loops with some providers. Hope u get it solved man
  5. Customer is not always right tho. They provide the service and if ur not happy u can leave rather not salt about it. You should focus on solutions not bashing if you yourself do not understand things.
  6. I like the video , interesting choice of music however.
  7. What do you mean, clearly he is playing survivor? This cheat is both for killer and survivor perspective.
  8. I am new to this cheat as well and i really enjoy this cheat. Thanks for the video. Also that is tremendous amount of offerings.