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  1. Good day to all Chods Community!! 1stly I'm happy to meet this cheese. its very improve my gameplay without guessing all time where is the killer. ( I just need ESP and 1.3 speed hack when helping player from hook or cleans totem. Instant interaction I just use if I meet toxic killer) 2nd for CS after sale, yeah sometimes I got some miss communication although about SVM (enable virtual) due the guide show old motherboard (AMD-V) but my board show SVM. luckily I know a bit about system and I find myself to fix it and yeah, you need USB drive to run this cheese. I'm using 3.1 USB drive for
  2. i dont know about that. for sure 1stly i also skeptical about scamming and banned. so i try 1st with new account also old pc. now already 1 month im using this cheat, so far im still using and no ban for now. definitely will continue my subscription for this cheats. i think best on the market especially now i just need some speed hack about 3% and ESP to know killer location. if the toxic killer im face, there always have the way find hatch and instant interaction for instant gen repairing. so im happy.
  3. well this is my new videos that proof Chod Cheats not a scam. XD enjoyyyyy!!!
  4. Now i miss Instant Interaction for fighting with toxic killer
  5. thanks man for warm welcoming. I al ready in discord.. feel free to ask for joining play together.. cheers!!
  6. i just new on this cheat, i never use the teleport.. >.<
  7. yes man! i really enjoy it.. i always 1 step ahead from the killer..
  8. Watch here! Thanks Chods to make me 1 step ahead!
  9. wow really donate sub? interested man!
  10. Hello Guys, I'm new here and i really need guide. i saw here have great community beside i need premium cheat for dead by daylight. ouh ya, i saw last 2 days was green and today i bought was outdated.. i dont understand whats going on just base on the community in forum, i understand that the key automatically extended right? btw, happy being a part of this community. btw, I already bought the DBD cheat but cannot use yet.. hopefully i can try it as soon as possible due excited to use Chods Cheats. Later i give my review after trying the cheat. cheers!