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  1. yes you can customize it, you can pick and choose anything or everything on pc, zombies can be done by itself. console is less
  2. It includes weapons bribes and crypto keys so some but not all are unlocked, depending on platform you get more son some than on others
  3. If possible are you able to reward points for previous activity? As in before the point system was introduced give those people that were active in the past a few more points
  4. Please dm here or on discord for more information ArmorAll#3421
  5. I will try my best not to
  6. I meant to say I Spent $650 this year
  7. Not every year. Last year was about $400, they usually last more than the one day. Save some to use through out the year.
  8. ArmorAll

    4th Of July

    Good afternoon folks, I am from the states and I'm wondering how many people here use fireworks and if so how much do you usually spend. I spend $650 wondering what the average is spent on such commodities
  9. ArmorAll

    My review

    I have not noticed any of that. Have you ran any other providers, or any other programs? Maybe installed some things you probably shouldn't have
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