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  1. Obviously i say what i was saying.. because until to post many times stuff like this we didn't now any update or if someone it's working on that.... If i was wanted to leave i was leaving without any regards and without any words.. But it's frustrating to wait 2 months and don't have any clue what it's going on... No one was saying it's easy to defeat EAC/AC.... Many of us was kick out of discord... Here no one was posting some news... At least on the discord was something movement ... They need to understand as to give it back...
  2. 🤣🤣🤣 They working? They don't give a f**k about us;) before some of them just playing and not giving a damn about customers.... 2 Months and all the cheats are down... ALL OF THEM... This "Product" will dissapear on the market... soon... With this interest of customors will end very soon.. Feel sorry , it was a pleasure to use that product... but now i see don't even are interested anymore in updates/announcements/customors... That announcement it's to old and no update on him (edit/etc...)... About RealmRoyale EAC protection.
  3. That it's old... since then it's almos 1 month... And so far from now, we didn't have any new updates coming... If. from the other cheats it's been working or making some progress.... Or now chods it's more interested in APEX/Sea of Thieves/Mordhau?
  4. If you have just understand "this provides it's scam" i'm sorry for you , but you did understand wrong... That was just an exemple... i have few months on discord... But it's not about this... It's about communication with the comunity
  5. Forget it... It will take few months to update all the cheats... it's been over 1month since are all down.... even they don't put some announcement about updating... They are just playing games Slowly many will leave this forum just like what was happening with PARADOX ( Best PUBG Hack EVER ), after a big UPDATE from PUBG they where going in update/Maintenance, like this 2-3 months and then Shut Down.... and like this 50 or 80E dissapear I don't know what it's going on here... But after so long.. No announcement... Nothing fr
  6. the sad thing it's after you buying the product it's not take few days and go in update for months :))) Ok high price good/rare product... But if they don't put some interest in update the cheats.... people forgot about their product...and like this some one else have money in the pocket "if you are smart enought don't take it personal" Chees!🙌
  7. Why dosen't anyone work on RealmRoyale hack? it's almost 1month and no response, no update nothing.. Slowly we will lose our membership/money.. Because no one it's making something... No Info/No updates..
  8. Hi everyone... I know the cheat's are down... and perhaps our licence got expiered.. But.. I don't think it's normal to be kickt out from Discord.. Because we need to know and the updates... I wait an answer from someone who can explain/resolve this problem. Thank You!
  9. Hi everyone, Can someone tell me some tips/recomandation for aim? FOV and Smoothing? i have at the moment FOV: 13 / Smoothing: 6.6 Keybind Mouse 1 But dosen't work like an aim :)) Perhaps needs more/less FOV/Smoot... If you have the settings , please put down your Settings. Greatings!