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  2. 1. Name of the Game: SMITE ( by hi-rez)2. Name of the Engine: Easy Anti-cheat 3. Why you want to have a cheat for it: This game already have ESP and in-game map to show enemies. So an aimbot so we can never miss any spell would be great.
  3. 1. First of all, you dont wanna buy it cause its like the cheapest cheese around. I mean, why would you pay 17 GBP when you can buy one with 30 Euro, or 50? So just dont buy it cause its the cheapest one. 2. You dont want this cause its so damn easy to use. Put it on a UBS drive , have the virtualization ON and VOILA! No, take another one where you have to change 10000 things on your windows, disable all overlays in all programs and create new windows batched boot. 3. You dont want this one cause its still bloody undetected. Go get one of those new ones where you w
  4. why 10 years old kids are allowed but things on internet?
  5. 1. Name of the Game: Rogue Company2. Name of the Engine: Easy Anti-cheat/ unreal engine 43. Why you want to have a cheat for it: Its a breand new game from hi-rez. Some kind a mix beteween counter strike, overwatch . And since you already have 2 cheats for hi-rez ( paladins and realm royale), probably will be easy to make one for Rogue Company
  6. Agree! Paladins need prediction
  7. i woudl recomand the one with direct hit. are the easiest to play with . For damage: Viktor, Tyra, Lian, Kinessa, Strix, Sha-Lin, Vivian. For flank: Androxus, Buck, Koga, Skye, Lex, Talus and Zhin only if you know the champion For tank: Raum, Barik, Atlas, Makoa, Inara, Khan and Ruckus
  8. Viktor, Lian, Strix, Tyra, Andro, Koga, Raum, Inara, Barik, Ying and Jenos
  9. aquarius


    you did it this time, you spelled it right this time
  10. This good! Imagine to start playing from bronze and make your way up to MASTER RANK! Yes MASTER! Of course i am trying to get to grand master. Master Rank are 2% best players from paladins.