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  1. Yeah, there is no notification system in place. Best thing to do is bookmark or put the status page on your homescreen for mobile and check back once or twice daily if your wanting to know.
  2. Thank you for the positivity Faceless :). It's been awhile but I am glad you guys are taking time to get it to 100%!
  3. I can vouch for this. I have access to 3000 Uplay accounts lol. Not selling just vouching that you can get it cheap for 5$ with tons of games attached to each account. Which they are cracked. HOWEVER, it seems the OP is selling a personal owned account? In this case you should provide some extra info like can you change the email, To provide security for the purchaser? Good luck. The price is pretty hefty compared to your competition around the web.
  4. They won't give a good ETA but they actually gave out a plan for two big games. That alone is making me excited, since Chods don't give out ETAs! I'm hoping the hybris will be one package, meaning you can switch between all three games. That would make it extremely popular imo 👌😉.
  5. Use the esp like a radar, and play like a normal person. Play like someone is always spectating you, and don't pre-aim, pre-fire or do any crazy stuff and you should be okay.
  6. To my knowledge there is another Rust cheat available that is invite only. If it is still running, I wouldn't know. Best bet is to wait for the public release.
  7. Keep checking the status page every other day and keep an eye on the forums! It shall be soon I have faith! Ha
  8. That is a good tip by using radar instead of esp. I feel like what's the point in cheating if you can't use some of the features but the radar and small fov still has advantage over the enemy!
  9. Nice to meet you! have fun!
  10. Yeah I would assume so. Again, it is planned lol so I dont want to get your hopes up!
  11. I believe a Recoil cheat (Hybris) is being looked at for PUBG. About Hybris Recoil Cheat Introducing Hybris, a recoil cheat for Rust. This powerful tool, configured by our online web panel allows you to master even the trickiest of weapons without even trying. Become an overnight god with the Assault Rifle and ensure you never miss out on the best loot. Our recoil manager has been designed shot-by-shot by our gaming recoil expert. Currently supported games: Rust Planned supported games: PUBG
  12. That is awesome. Ive seen cheats for the game before but now they've gone private. A cheat for smite would be fun to play with!