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  1. Applied. Would love to try out that Apex.
  2. It sure has been cool watching this site and system evolve over the last couple years. Awesome info thank you for sharing!
  3. I played the game for a long time before I found Chod and I try to act the same as I did before. Just a few pointers: -Dont watch people through walls. -Dont prefire corners unless you've already been fighting and it's obvious you can know their location. -Dont wiggle at people you suspect. If they wiggle first just turn the other way to show you are on the same page. As for myself, I usually only use esp and loot filter. You can watch people sneakily keeping them on the edge of your vision or just checking back on them. If you're going to chase someone down make it look like your natural progression through the map. The only time I go into rage mode and use aimbot and no recoil is to keep another cheeser from killing me and then it's right back to normal. A big strat I use also is to let people run past me and shoot from the side or back. It sounds a bit chicken it insures you dont get recorded and no one can prove anything. I've been doing this for 2 years and have yet to loose an account with chod. Made it through many many ban waves and plan on keeping it that way.
  4. There's many reasons I've been a steady sub and supporter for almost 2 years straight. Never lost a bit of faith in the Chod team. Nice work and keep em coming.
  5. Layout looks great. Keep on doing what you do! I've never lost faith and wont be going anywhere.
  6. Greatly appreciate the update. I have 100% faith in Chod and the whole team, hence why I've had a nonstop sub for well over a year now. Take your time and I cant wait to see the new product!
  7. I've seen it as a feature in use on too many ban reports for me to feel ok using it. I would think it's pretty easy for them to do an inventory check when a door is unlocked.
  8. I cant find them on the Thermaltake site. Probably have to just figure out the thread pattern and buy a set of full replacements from newegg.
  9. My case came with one. It's the Thermaltake 71 View. I like it because it ensures theres no pressure from the gpu weight on the mobo. Especially cause that card is huge and heavy.
  10. CPU: i7-8700k Mobo: Aorus Gaming 5 Ram: 16gb Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz Cooling: EVGA 280mm liquid cooler + 3x140mm fans + 3x120mm fans GPU: Aorus GTX1080 ti extreme Mem: Samsung Evo 500gb SSD + 2 x 2tb HDD Most of the RGB just set to random right now. Hence the multi colors.