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  1. Every product in our store is buyable with btc. The automatic activation of purchase does however wait for a few confirmations to make sure the transfer is real.
  2. None of those games have a record of suing, blizzard and epic games does. Though activision is mostly just using their client to avoid fees.
  3. It's based on your username on the site, so you would have to change that. You need to be supporter to be able to change username under your account details.
  4. Action replay was the shit for ps2, it's still kinda amazing that there was cheat cd's for consoles and they pretty much supported every game, and adding new games.
  5. That would certainly be true apparently a few members of the staff have wanted to make edits, but never asked for it.
  6. I'm pretty sure Chod has written all of them, perhaps you're being thrown off by the british english. I don't think there's spelling errors as that usually gets caught automatically.
  7. Emiiru

    An Apology

    Copy pasted from the discord :FeelsBadMan:
  8. Why not create a support ticket to get help?
  9. Maybe a month and a half.
  10. You can't disable 2fa permanently, you can only reset it to another device.
  11. Emiiru


    He supports the site duh.
  12. This post is at fault, I could've posted update notes and gotten more rep than posts as well
  13. There already is an way. It's just bindable in a more fancy way than you expect. Right click the checkbox for the feature you want to bind.
  14. How do I downvote a post It's not really down because of the time it takes to update, it's because Chod is not able to update it currently due to not being able to access the computer.
  15. brazil cannot use credit/debit card+paypal so this might not work.
  16. Please create a ticket, it is a manual process and a ticket ensures that it is logged correctly.
  17. You need it for security. So that it doesn't block the client, some anti viruses are really intrusive.
  18. Unfunny, and a saturated market.
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