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[VAC Updates] Be carefull using, read plz


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So there has been a few updates within VAC and serverside detection.

For the record this does not mean the cheat is detected !!

1) Serverside detection ( aka Untrusted bans )

Stepped up their game detecting Aimbot/angles.

What to do: Use a very low fov and throw in much smooth and aim time to make it as human possible.

2) VAC update

VAC has been updated to detect certain external cheats that use overlays.

We don't have to worry about this.

3) VAC 2 new modules

My knowledge of VAC is limited, so lets wait and see whats going on.

Just for the record, this is a heads up. Maybe none of this affects us besides the serverside Detection.

My knowledge and coding skilz are limited and im only giving info on what i know to prevent possible bans!

Wait for others to confirm/deny.

Don't come ask me here if to use the cheat or not!

Just use it at own risk or wait and see what happens

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This update shouldn't pose any threat to Chod's Cheats users.

If you dont use disabled signature verification of the drivers and patchguard bypass on x64 ring0 then chods are indead safe :)

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Checks for that was added a while ago though.

Yeah the disabled signature verification of the drivers check was on the 18th or something.

But i tought the patchgaurd bypass check was just now, never came across it before and i always check! ( Altough my knowledge is a bit limited so i might over looked it. )

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