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  1. Happy Birthday @Chod Best wishes to you and your family. Love from America.
  2. You've tried several addresses. Make sure it is correct or your transaction may have to go through an additional check.
  3. Cheats such as PubG, H1Z1, and Rust are VIP cheats. Which those with 'Trusted' rank bars have access to. Such as https://chods-cheats.com/profile/15062-jamesbeess/ Any other cheat is simply Customer rank bar. To get invited into the ranks of Trusted. You must simply partake in the Chod's Cheats community.
  4. Battlefield 5. Lets go. It is a must.
  5. OmgImGay


    What is a "Supporter"?
  6. Depends on the complexity of your case. Stick to your support ticket.
  7. I doubt it. And Chod's Cheats does not have an auto renewal system for any subscription option.
  8. OmgImGay


    The cheat requires a removable disk/USB to be able to launch it. Any settings or configurations will either be on the cloud or on the USB itself. Nothing stays on the computer.
  9. Launching the client or launching a specific cheat? Windows 10? 1709 or 1803?
  10. Should be automatic activation if your information is accurate.
  11. Also, Chod's Cheats has been updated to be compatible with Windows 10 version 1803.
  12. The account has the expansion Heavensward. 20 dollars (Paypal or BTC) for the account. The price is simply for the online account itself. The account has one level 50 character; nothing great about the character, at all.
  13. OmgImGay

    Pre buy questions!

    How many detections have you had? Since we officially opened our business in January 2013, we've had these detections: VAC detections: January, 2014. 15th March, 2014. 30th June, 2014. 23rd September, 2014. 12th June, 2015. CS:GO MM/untrusted detections: 25th March, 2014. 16th May, 2014. Untrusted features are some features that may possibly be caught by CSGO's untrusted system.
  14. Creating a thread regarding a support ticket will not expedite the process. Patience, like everyone else with an open support ticket.
  15. The fraud system probably picked something up regarding the information you typed in. It is up to manual approval now.
  16. Posting about it on the forums won't expedite the HWID reset request process.
  17. Probably was not Chod's Cheats that got detected and it was the previous cheat you used. VAC bans are not irregular and tend to be on a schedule combined with mass amount of account bans. However, it may be exactly the opposite. Who knows? Time will tell.
  18. For support, please use the support section of the site.
  19. Your payment was refused. Please try again with your updated information.
  20. Upon logging into the Chod's Cheats client, the application will HWID lock itself to that one specific computer. It is possible to do HWID resets. However here at Chod's Cheats we take account sharing and account marketing very serious. As it is against the rules and prohibited. Once again, it is possible to ask for HWID resets to switch the computer the Chod's Cheats client will be locked to. Just remember the process is not something taken lightly and it might warrant some documentation to approve a HWID reset request.
  21. OmgImGay


    If you do not want to or can not use the on-site Credit/Debit card system (Stripe), Bitcoin, or Skins (skfpay). Then find another cheat provider.
  22. OmgImGay


    It is similar to sending cash from one account to another. You simply need to create a Bitcoin wallet. I have only tried two; https://blockchain.info & https://www.coinbase.com . Coinbase has everything you need internally on their site itself; "one stop shop". Buy, sell, send, and request bitcoins. Coinbase even has the option to use PayPal. However, it operates similarly like a US bank. They need ID (Submit a copy of an acceptable form of identification (i.e. passport, state driver's license, or state identification card)), real personal information, etc... ( https://www.coinbase.com/legal/user_agreement#appendix-1:-prohibited-use,-prohibited-businesses,-and-conditional-use ) Blockchain is a lot more "freedom"; "With a Blockchain wallet, you retain complete ownership of your bitcoin.". It simply depends on what you want. Of course, there are several more BTC wallets out there. These are just two I use.
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