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  2. I've met Tunafish316 as he was a moderator at other provider site a little while ago and he's a well trusted and respected member of that community. I've tested his time idler and it works as advertised. Definitely vouch and +rep guys!
  3. Chod Cheats doesn't have auto renewal. If your subscription will run out you must manually buy a new one.
  4. Hi guys. All I want is to ask MEMBERS to clear their private messages and do some space because I can't send messages to you. Ask STAFF to INCREASE inbox space to 200 messages perhaps? Regards! ps. zher if you read it do as I said above MTF!!!
  5. Because you can still play non-vac related games. They are safe to use.
  6. I don't know who died and made you judge.... but I'm a long Chod believer and worshiper and sometimes my paranormal skills activate and I can predict some unexpected events!! No. Wait. That is COMPLETELY normal and recommended to not switch hacks between computers!! ^^
  7. it will never be unbanned. It will be VAC banned soon if it's not already.
  8. OMG... Game changes are not possible!! UNLESS there are special conditions to do that. You bought something so you have to use it. If you are interested in DayZ hack you must buy it. Or buy gold package and you will get all current and future hacks. Only Chod can decide I guess so wait for his answer.
  9. no no no no and one more time NO. Please try to use CC on one, main gaming PC! Switching between computers is your problem and if you do this you have to remember to ask EVERY time for new HWID reset. Also remember it takes time because only admins can do this and they are not 24/7 online and have their life too.
  10. your e-mail is on 2nd screenshot.....
  11. because you are not a lazy person who use his brain wisely I will help you here you go
  12. I'm not hacking atm but I will sooner or later. But it's always good to have acc and some wins on it ^^
  13. hahahah ^^ that's hilarious! so maybe instead of donation you give me one of those ^^:cool:
  14. yeap. mine too. but since cfg's are streamed what is the problem to remove USB from PC? It seems even safer....
  15. IF you had one of VAC games like cs:go or cs:s + gold package AND you were VIP ON 22 07 2014 you get 1 month = 30 days EXTRA, FREE, ADDITIONALLY due to hack downtime. If your subscription to one of above games or package ended earlier I don't know.
  16. We too!! We wait for updated or even info.
  17. sooo something is coming up?
  18. and it's a little bit suspicious that all games have nearly the same hours...
  19. locked or closed? :> lul
  20. no offense but AMD processors are 1000 years after Intel atm and nothing can change that. AMD processors and Intel i7 are good only for coding, rendering, streaming and other things that need a computational power and HT. If you only play games i5 are best in comparison price/quality. I'm not expert but I read some forums in my country bout it recently.
  21. Intel processors are the best for games. i-5 is enough for games only. If you are buying 4670 without K and you won't be overclocking it's the best choice. Also if you wont' be overclocking buy the cheapest motherboard. MSI, ASUS are overpriced because of colors on them and their signs on them. Read some PC forums. Ppl there advice what is the best choice. SSD is not top priority. It will help a lot but it can be bought later.