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  1. Sx06

    Need usb ?

    thanks for fast dude, if work, its safe like usb driver ? need usb because safety?
  2. Sx06

    Need usb ?

    Hi guy, i see some one say : need USB for inject hack, really need? can't simulate one ? because i haven't usb.. :(
  3. Sx06


    They are undetected and as long as u play normal u wont get banned dont forget to injekt in the right order Whats is the right order ? Cheat > steam > cs:go?
  4. Boost service. Legit: (Me + my friends = 4 Supreme / Global Account) + Your accounts = 2€ Or 2Key-case / Win. (If a take-lose = 2 freewin). You can up really fast ranks because me and my mate be Global/supreme account. so, Each win gives more points. Can negociate if you want. MP for more info
  5. sorry, i have probleme internet, i have add you in steam :)
  6. Hi i sell my account Ranks : Global Hours : 1200 Win : 350 Vac or other ban : 0 You can offer im Private message or here. Thanks
  7. Sorry for this, whats "digit 4/5/6" ?
  8. yes yes, i know, i just say : safe = undetected, safe vac (no safe overwatch, that is my probleme)
  9. My english so bad.. no understande.. So, safe? or i need stop use ? (i use rcs config jstylah)
  10. I clicked on to the instantaneous buy cs: go cheat one month 'and then I chose one month and I pay, but I took Source in place of cs: go but I is not not even the source games .. can be changed? I vien to do to the instantaneous thanks..