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Quite possibly the easiest accessible Escape From Tarkov cheat for an affordable starting price of 18.99 GBP per month.

Very detailed visuals with plenty of options and different functionalities

The ability to change the look of every option whether menu or visual based.

The fact that the cheat is constantly being worked on not only to be maintained but to add new features in or old features back in.

The ability to share configs! Some of my friends don't understand most features of the cheat and what they do so I just share my config with them and teach them little things.




The inability to save loot filters, you will find it quite repetitive to constantly be setting your loot filters.

The ineffective use of aimbot while a target is moving across your screen to the left or right.

The little bugs that happen out of nowhere which almost always have a quick fix.




The ability to save every feature and setting.

Prediction option for aimbot (Calculate distance, target movement speed and bullet velocity for proper prediction.)





All in all I would recommend chods-cheats EFT cheese to anyone looking for a simple reliable EFT cheat that will keep you off the ban list.

Thank you to anyone who may have taken the time to read this and possibly influence you to purchase the cheat.






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