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100% Honest Escape From Tarkov Review.


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Hello CC Community,


I know some people (including me) are sometimes suspicious of cheat reviews, especially when you see everyone saying its great.

This review will be 100% honest, and will cover most if not all features coming with the EFT cheat.



There are a ton of options, which is great for the users as they can set to what they like, and arent set to just one setting.



Heres the rocky part and the only downside personally to this cheat.


The aimbot seems a little "off" on targets. i keep my aimbot on head at all times. When i test it on my friends (not shooting obviously) it aims at their neck almost it seems like.

Also, the aimbot seems a little slow when tracking targets (like when they are walking / running) but that could also be my aimbot speed. Not exactly sure.


Downtime: When EFT updates, or when the cheat doesent work (for whatever reason) the cheat will go down. When the cheat is down, the staff team WILL compensate for the down time by adding time to your subscription. (i.e cheat down for 2 days they will add an extra 2 days to your sub, therefore losing no time in your sub)


Loot ESP:

This is the cool part. To me, "personalized" cheats are awesome, cheats that include features that are pasifically for that game, for example, you can have ESP for "bots" or for "scavs" which is awesome. it really adds to the experience, and can tell that the coders (love ya Chod) actually have a decent knowledge of the game. Like they are not just pumping out cheats just for the money. I like it.


With loot ESP you can select it to show Meds, Food, Ammo, Weapons, Containers, and even more. theres also custom filters. to let you only filter the ESP to only show items you want specifically. Which is nice for tasks.

There is also a max distance you can set your ESP to so the purple loot text wont cover up your whole screen, and will only show the lootable items near you. But of course, thats all customizable to the players liking.


No-Recoil: Fucking Nuts.


No-Spread: Gun will have no spread, which your gun is now a laser beam. Congratulations. You Win The game.


That all i can think of at the moment, if i think of anything else to add i will edit this post. i hope i helped whoever considering buying. I took a leap of faith buying Chods, and so far i recommend them. 


If you guys have any questions, comment below! :D


Happy Hunting.




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