courage at chod!


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Yes, he gets enough shit in CB etc when things are on hold or being updated and he must feel a bit guilty this has happened as his number 1 priority when updating is our safety. Yes he can sit there and say to himself "well they know the risk" blah blah blah but he must also be thinking "maybe if i done this" blah blah blah as the reputation of the cheese has been damaged.

I personally usually wait a day or 2 after update to see if anything goes wrong but this time i didn't and got shafted, 100% my fault.

Good luck in trying to find out what it was that cucked us and getting the work around fixed (if possible).

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Do not arrange a church from a business forum.
Chod is just the owner (or employee) of business, and not God, and not needed in prayer services.
We paid money for the product, which they received and paid the salary.
What are you all talking about here?
It's just business.
I'm in shock.

ps. Do not make idols and do not serve them.

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My OED is not blocked.
But I decided on it not to play with the cheat. For a cheat, I'll buy the cheape subscription. Before, I did not think so, but the wave of the ban undermined my confidence in the safety of the cheat.

I think everyone should do it. To not spare for another lost OED.

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