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  1. Seems too good to be true without any vouches.
  2. Once the banner above the chatbox is gone, it is back up.
  3. A couple of days after the patch. Chod is working on it as fast as he can.
  4. Thanks! I am going to make some CS:GO montages soon because my EFT account got banned on last detection.
  5. Yes, it took a very very long time for all of these kills. I had very bad luck while recording, coming across other hackers, my game crashing etc, but while not recording everything went smoothly.
  6. Welcome buddy! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Thank you for the review!
  8. Nope, I used to do it for fun, but then stopped.
  9. I agree, putting the time that it would take to make the cheat, to only have a small percentage of players buy it, after the word gets out would not be worth it in my personal opinion, but after all, the developers are the ones that chose that kind of stuff I guess. I would buy the game and make a few videos on the cheat if it came out, maybe make an advert or two. Speaking of videos, have you seen my amazing EFT montage? (Please put all comments and criticism on that thread, don't want to hijack this thread)
  10. Just gonna do a quick bump, want more people to see my work, I am very proud of this video.