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  1. I only remember because it was "around" my birthday lol FeelsBadMan
  2. ban wave was only 10 weeks ago lol, 2 and a half months.
  3. might want to blur your in-game name out in the bottom left
  4. This is pretty much me, got my arse slapped in the July ban wave so just been lurking keeping an eye on the situation. Will be re-activating a few days after wipe if all seems ok.
  5. OR you could buy $150k and convert it to 15mil roubles for the same price.
  6. The mods on reddit left the posts up about possible bitcoin mining yesterday so i think if it's well put together they might leave it up? worth a shot imo either way keep up the good work ❤️
  7. We are dealing with Russians, i wouldn't put anything past them. They generally don't follow any Rules or Regulations and do as they please. If it turns out they were doing something wrong then a quick word with Vlad and an explanation of how they fucked over the west and they will be treated like royalty over there.
  8. just spend a minute or 2 looking at the forums and you'll see why you can't purchase it.
  9. Yes, he gets enough shit in CB etc when things are on hold or being updated and he must feel a bit guilty this has happened as his number 1 priority when updating is our safety. Yes he can sit there and say to himself "well they know the risk" blah blah blah but he must also be thinking "maybe if i done this" blah blah blah as the reputation of the cheese has been damaged. I personally usually wait a day or 2 after update to see if anything goes wrong but this time i didn't and got shafted, 100% my fault. Good luck in trying to find out what it was that cucked us and getting the work around fixed (if possible).
  10. This was from patch .8 and i'm not sure he can do it in yet .9
  11. I would send in a ticket asking as i know some already had 4 days added on Thursday when it first went down.
  12. That's the whole point of tracking HWID's so they can be sure the account holder is the one using it, you would need to ask for a HWID reset when you go to your friends and then also when you get back home. You would be better off getting a chod usb (when restocked) if it's going to be a regular thing.
  13. Done, max file upload limit reached. Most likely because i paused my sub
  14. He was in the theatre.