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  1. So I only play EFT using Chod and I have been with Chod for almost two years now. Will I be qualify if EFT go private? Hypothetically speaking.
  2. Welcome to the cheesy Chod community!
  3. Lets say EFT does go private after decades, what would be the requirement to get invited? Or can we just ask for an invitation? I am just bit curious. BEst, Friendly Cheesy Kneecap-Only PMC
  4. Years gone by and mods will thank you for your patience. As always, have a nice afterlife... Cheers
  5. You can complain all you want, but don't ask for ETAs. Your down time will be compensated.
  6. well I was expecting a month since Aug.21... its almost 1 and half month now...
  7. I came back to check the status update every single day! Such a long haul hope all is great sigh.
  8. I do not need an ETA on EFT cheese but a general Status update would be nice. Thanks for the good work, Chod!
  9. VERY SOON IT WILL NOT BE WEEKS Thank you for you hard work I mean it! Keep it up ehh Another updated status plz!
  10. Do they block ur payment method tho?