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Hey there boys, new boy here!


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Hello! I've recently purchased EFT, and upon searching for some cheats, i've stumbled across your forum. I have to admit, it is easily one of the most friendly and genuine places i have seen on the internet so far! I am excited to be a part of the community, and you can be sure i'll be buying your EFT cheese as soon as it's up :)
The only game i've ever cheated on was War Thunder, as i usually don't need cheats in order to have fun, but tarkov is... different. I won't lie and say that i'm purchasing the cheat to "fight the cheaters", because, let's be real, though it might be the case i'm actually just trash at the game. Also ,as mentioned above, i am VERY new to cheese, and tarkov seems like as good a place as any to start. 
I play a whole lot of games, usually FPS, but i don't really discriminate and play almost everything. So feel free to hit me up and team up in WT, OW, Battlefield, Project Zomboid or any other game you might fancy a partner for :)
Thanks all for this opportunity, and i hope for a fruitful cooperation in the future ^^

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