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Hozit guys and girls....Newbie here


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Hey Everyone!!


So, I am brand new here, trying to figure out where to go still and to find everything in here....??


I used to play BF4 and eventually got tired of it, however it was great fun with the loader I used in it.


Now on BF1 though, I got so many bans from 6 different acc using the same loader..... so it was time to move on!!


Came across some other guys, dont know if I may mention other guys here, so I can name them should anyone want to know. However, their loader is terrible....got my ASUS Rog G752VY with ssd drives etc to crash and burn..... LOL


I am actually bussy backing up my whole pc as I am typing this to reinstall Win10 since it seems unrepaireble ??





So, I am now here and I am looking forward to a new gaming experience here with you guys.....and hoping not get my pc destroyed again...LOL




Have a good one !!



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Hello buddy and welcome to the forums.

24 minutes ago, 123energy said:

But where do I purchase the EFT loader for BF1 ??  I cant seem to find it anywhere.....LOL

All cheats work under the same loader. It depends on the subscription you have which ones you see and can use. 

Once you've purchased a subscription you can download the loader at the Member Area. We have discontinued BF 1 cheats, so that is not available anymore.


17 minutes ago, 123energy said:

I see something about getting invited to VIP Cheats area....

Can someone perhaps explain to me how your setup works here?



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You can join the discord server once you've become a customer. 

There isn't really guidelines regarding contributions. People do it in different ways.

However, the keyfactors stay the same; be active on the forums, discord and contribute to the community. 

Just familiarize yourself with this community, get to know people, let people get to know you, help people out etc.


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2 hours ago, dgromov said:

You are not alone, I have been trying to navigate this website for about 30 minutes now, unsuccessfully :)

They will not choose you at 30 minutes, I have been here for 1 month or more and I have not been chosen, it is a question that they see that you are trustworthy.

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