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2 hours ago, jetlifecrew said:

trying to get a pubg invite been a customer for months and am beyond satisfied with your products. Hoping to try this cheat out for pubg and be amazed by another great cheat.

If your interested in getting invited to the VIP cheat. You need to participate within the community on events, or assist community members with issue's they might have with their computer or other stuff. Sometime's doing giveaways of cheats is also another successful way to get well known in the community. In all likeliness, You need to aim not for getting a invitation to the VIP cheats but to get to know the members and staff members in the community. Aim to get to know people, have fun with others, liven up the forums by posting your findings or making fun forum games for the community.

If i was to direct you to anyone that has done most of this it'd have to be @Dr. Snif. In meantime @CantThinkOfName or @Zenaku Can elaborate on this.
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5 hours ago, Momo said:
Patience makes is a virtue. Don't aim for the VIP permissions to buy cheat's play to enjoy use the forums to socially mingle. Get to know peeps!
I was being silly.  I do not even play any of the games that they have V.I.P. cheats for.  I think this is a fantastic community and the more I met people on here the better that opinion gets for the most part.   I was honestly very surprised when I started lurking for a week or two before I bought my first slice of cheese.
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