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Seems like a wise upgrade, especially when you're going from DDR2 memory to DDR3 lol.

I personally don't think a CPU upgrade is worth it most of the time, considering performance only jumps about 10% per generation, and you have to get new motherboard, and new RAM, which can be pretty price hefty.

The upgrade I looked at for my rig costs just as much as a 780 ti.

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Regardless, those are all upgrades & maybe worth it depending on the price are you paying.

You could find a similar ASRock or Gigabyte board for cheaper than the MSI Z87 G45. MSI Is great and all, but the main reason people buy them is due to the design color; I am one of those people... (regret it due to price)

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Intel processors are the best for games.

i-5 is enough for games only.

If you are buying 4670 without K and you won't be overclocking it's the best choice.

Also if you wont' be overclocking buy the cheapest motherboard. MSI, ASUS are overpriced because of colors on them and their signs on them.

Read some PC forums. Ppl there advice what is the best choice.

SSD is not top priority. It will help a lot but it can be bought later.

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no offense but AMD processors are 1000 years after Intel atm and nothing can change that.

AMD processors and Intel i7 are good only for coding, rendering, streaming and other things that need a computational power and HT.

If you only play games i5 are best in comparison price/quality.

I'm not expert but I read some forums in my country bout it recently.

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