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  1. Interested in a 7 digit. added you on skype Edit: bought a 7 digit, fast and trusted
  3. Sold him a 6 digit acct with hours. Fast and legit buyer. +rep
  4. Selling this at 75% of the market price Market price $180 My Price $135 Playside: Backside: PM me for my STEAM or SKYPE Taking Paypal as payment. I will not go first but we can use a middleman. Vouches
  5. Got a few 6 digits in stock with CS1.6 and CSGO with ~500 hours, all hours are IDLED -VAC/UNTRUSTED/OVERWATCH clean -All accounts are 6 digit and have 5 year veteran coin. Also has 10-11 years Badge on steam profile. I accept PaYpaL $25/account PM Me for my Skype Terms Of Service I will not go first unless I deem you trusted (my discretion) I am not responsible of whatever happens to the accounts after I give you the details. All transactions will be done via Skype so I can provide you with a stress free handover of the account. When you add me on Skype, please add your FORUM name, so I recognize you. We can use a middleman but you pay for the fee You must pay for Paypal fees if there's any You must send it as gift with the note that says "I'm buying a virtual item, I will not dispute" VOUCHES
  6. Bump, got a 6 Digit 1090 hours cs1.6 1085 hours csgo 856 hours css $50
  7. ************************************************************************************************************* Playside: Backside: Normal Market Price $320-$350 My Price - $240 PM me for my SKYPE I take PayPal as payment. Rules: Your Paypal must be verified You pay for fees if there's any You must send money as gift and you add a note I will not go first. We can use a middleman but you pay the fee ************************************************************************************************************* VOUCHES
  8. Do u have a knife in mind, I might be able to help u through csgolounge and trade some of my inventory to a knife you like, PM me so we can discuss
  9. I might need a css cs1.6 account if u have one that has original email. Also i have alot of vouches and if u dont mind going first since you're new here.