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Battallion Cheat


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So after playing around with the Battallion cheat, I've got to say it's really impressive.

Aimbot - 9/10, pretty much does everything you need but not as feature-full as CSGO

ESP - 10/10 Nothing else you need really :)

Misc - 10/10 Not sure how some of the settings Chods has are possible, but they work great, I wouldn't use them myself, but I can see they'd definitely be good to piss someone off with

I've played alot anyway, no one calling me out as a cheater, even with the Aimbot on because of the humanizer settings make it look really legit

Overall the cheat is a 10/10, Fair priced, Good anti anti-cheat, Humanizer settings are fine, and rage settings are an added bonus!

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