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Grooves introduction :)

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About Me
  •  Age: 22
  • Where im from: Finland
  • What are my Hobbys, job etc.: Gaming,Music,Gym,Partying :) Im really outgoing guy, i do ALOT stuff in real life and to be honest ppl usually cant even imagine how much i actually spend time and money on gaming, soon graduating from business college etc, but i still find gaming as my big passion on my free time and i just love cheating for some reason, usually cheaters are hated on gaming community but im sure you guys in this forum can relate to me, its just so much fun :) These days finding a legitimate h1z1 cheat is so hard, well not that hard if u wanna get ur account banned instantly, but for longterm legit playing it is hard but iv heard so much good about the cheat of chods that i had to come here and applicate, i hope in my biggest dreams im accepted and can be part of this great quality community :)

Cheating/Gaming Experience
  • What Games do I play: Iv been cheating alot in the past years and not just cheating casually, iv been cheating in pro level in cs 1,6 and csgo in finnish scene, even won an lan event succesfully with cheats 2012. In h1z1 i was cheating last spring in top 50 eu and took part in showdown 2017. However the cheat i used was from Exocheats back then and sadly they dont offer h1z1 anymore :) (factor is beast guy anyways) we also played 1 season in CEVO league in CSGO and we ended up having lounge games which were streamed and i ended up finishing the season without getting caught :)
  • What Cheats did I use in the past: In csgo i used Iniuriua.us, cs 1,6 i used cheat called xzone-Reactor which was the only league proof back then and for h1z1 i used exocheats.com
  • Where you got them?: 


Exocheats: https://exocheats.com/profile/317-groovefm/
EPVPRS: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/members/7341276-groovefm.html
Iniuria.us: http://www.iniuria.us/forum/member.php?76442-GrooveFM

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Welcome to the Chod's!
Enjoy your stay!

(you should probably remove those cheat website links since they are active, I'm pretty sure they don't allow advertising, correct me if I am wrong)

Best Regards,
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