Canada is cold. Fml


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Just now, SayPex said:
3 minutes ago, tamedbeast said:

Yeah it's raining this morning, and then this afternoon it's supposed to be snowing like crazy, this weather has become bipolar. 
Lmao the rain has taken all the snow away. Plus we had an hour of power outtage.
don't even get me started on the power outages here, I live in a newly developed area and there is constant power outages, the other day my power went out and the filter on my fish tank started leaking, flooded right through my floors, had to go out and get a new filter cost me over $450. But yeah the snow was deep like 8-10 inches a couple days ago and now there is nothing, but its supposed to snow this afternoon and then Sunny for the weekend with a low of -9 lol 

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