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EFT Review 13.12.17


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Im using the eft cheat now since 2 weeks and i can still play so i thought its time for a little review :P

Visuals: 9/10
Players: A lot of settings to choose and everything just works fine. However there are some real Players that are showed as Bots ingame, i can see it because of the names but thats not a big problem.
Loot: Im very happy about the Loot distance setting it would be way to much if you could see the whole loot of the map in costums or other bigger maps.
Exit: Theres only one Exit point that shows up in costums, but there are more than one. Not a big deal if you know where the other exits are. In factory its working fine!

Aimbot and Weapon Features: 8/10
Aimbot: works great so nothing else to say here.
No spread, recoil, sway, breath: works great :)
Instakill: its a bit obvious if you one shot a full equiped player with a pistol but its working great too.
Unlimitted Ammo: It works, but only for your main Weapon. I usually take only one weapon into a raid so i can loot more. If you find another one and put it in "on back" slot, it wont have unlimitted ammo. And you have to reload your main Weapon after every raid because if you go in with an empty magazine in your weapon you wont be able to shot with it even with unl. ammo. But its a nice feature and its not a big deal to reload after a raid ;).

Miscellaneous: 7/10
Speedhack, unl. stamina, no-clip, superjump and fast sprint a working great.
Teleport: Teleport Loot to me is working but it will spawn where you are looking at, so if you dont look in the right direction, all the loot will be under the earth or in the air but its nice to have that option.
               I didnt try the Teleport to player option so far so i cant tell if its working.
              Teleport to exit is NOT working for me. It will teleport you but in the same second you are back at your position. BUT its nice to have it if you get stuck somewhere in the map because if you spam it it will tp you a few meters away :P

Console:  i only tried the command to remove the player-box and it worked fine so im happy that theres a console to make some costum settings :)

I give this Cheat a 9/10 because its undetected and became alot of new features in the last 2 weeks!

sorry for my bad english, i hope everyone understands my review :)

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