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will i get lifetime?


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No, Lifetime isn't available anymore, unfortunately, as far as I can see. :) But those who had bought lifetime before (as Emiiru stated) will get it, if your subscription states that it is lifetime, which it should, if you bought Lifetime.

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I know i should not create another topic so i decided to ask it here. I already provided my information since 24 hours ago and i was on page 9 i think so i just want to ask if you guys have problem finding my Transaction ID, because i paid by Paypal and all i do is copy "Unique Transaction ID #XXX". So i will wait for next 5 hours if you could find my one. And if not please pm me for screenshot. 24hours ago i guess i should get my vip back. THANKS

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Im glad I bought CS GO lifetime, but I wish I invested further ( reading wise) on what all the other packages were.

I rushed google for "#1 CSGO VIP HACKS" and wam bam bought this one.

But man oh man, I wish I bought em all.

I do think not providing lifetime adds to the value to the product overall, hopefully more income will allow more time being invested,

and does it prevent someone from passing a client for someone else to crack over and over?

Or was it strictly a business decision

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