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  1. Jstylah


    1. If you ask me personally, moderator position aside this is a really good tool for legit playstyle. 2. Last VAC detection happend 12th of June 2015
  2. Can you give us more details on what disappoints you about Firefly compared to the older versions? It can really help us improve it even further. Sadly this is exactly what happend when we made the swap between v1 > v2 > v3 some customers simply wont like the change, but eventually they will start learning to like it as it gets improved over time as harsh as it might sound. You just need to give it more time and let us iron out all the bugs and improve it even further before you give your full honest opinion. We never go back to older products.
  3. 1. No, it wont crash ur game if VAC Guard gets triggered but it will simply prevent other people from injecting it in a preventive manner to save as many peoples account as possible that is not aware. Keep in mind just because VAC Guard got triggered doesnt mean we got detected it's just indicating there was a VAC update and we disable the cheat automatically to make sure everything looks fine. 2. pSilent (Legit/Rage) = Aimbot movement hidden for spectators. (Everyone including urself) can be used with low FOV to act as a legit feature and used in rage aimbots. Silent Aim (Rage feature)
  4. 1. No, it is not possible to use these features consecutively eg. If you enable rage aimbot the legit aimbot gets disabled and vice versa. Silent aim wont hide the snappy aimbot movements to other players spectating you so it wont look legit at all even at 1 FOV. 2. If the cheat gets detected only the users that had the cheat injected during the detection period risks a ban (Most of the time its delayed) so its hard to pinpoint exactly when the detection happend. However, We do have a security system in place called "VAC Guard" that basically auto-disables the cheat whenever it noti
  5. 1. If the cheat breaks after an update we are usually really quick with getting it up to date (if we overextend a 48 hour limit) we will always give compensation such as added lost time to ur subscription. 2. AFAIK we do not offer a "pSilent" feature you might be thinking of the feature "Silent Aim" its different and aimbot is only hidden on ur own client and is in no shape or form considered a legit feature. Ur mix legit/rage features together question: I'm not sure as I've never tried it myself and I cant try it for you right now but tbh there is really no reason to even be able to. H
  6. Make sure you dont have the EAC protection selected, as it is currently sold out.
  7. Did you purchase using an E-Cheque by any chance? It will take 3-5 business days to process and is out of our control. EDIT: Nevermind seems that you have been activated right after I replied.
  8. Jstylah


    I know its hard but play as if someone is spectating you at all times. If its still too hard to hide it just get turn off ESP and play with 2D radar or chams only.
  9. He just said yes to ur question it is possible to run it in fullscreen and yes it is stable. You do NOT need to use window mode with our cheat.
  10. I will close this thread as your problem has been resolved if you run into any more issues dont hesitate to open a new thread. /closed
  11. You need to download and install both these; Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) The links seems to be broken for me but you can always try urself
  12. Jstylah


    Yes they are working.
  13. Yes we had 5 VAC detections since we started up our business in January 2013 - source We are soon at a 1 year undetection streak again (12th of june this year)
  14. Yes you need to PM an admin and it seems one of the admins already activated your account so i will be closing this thread. For any future customer purchasing using bitcoin PM an Admin for manual activision. /Closed
  15. Jstylah

    hi there

    Welcome back. https://forum.chods-cheats.com/showthread.php?3-Pre-sale-Post-sale-FAQ#detections