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  1. This seems interesting.
  2. Hi, OK, about the detection, isn't it a bad strategy or idea to inform us when your cheats get detected? VAC can use that information of when you guys were detected, and reflect and ponder upon what made your cheats go detected. For example lets say: you guys got a detection on 17th december 2015. VAC will then research and see what they did to make you guys go detected, and make out certain possibilities of getting you detected again, easier. Since they know when you got detected, and they know what they did. Idk.. Just saying that, if they know when you guys go detected, they have gotten some knowledge on how and why. So lets say. Your cheats are undetected because of 5 or 10 strategies or coding techniques you use. If you got detected on 17th decemeber. One strategy has been encountered by VAC and then 4 or 9 strategies are left. If this continues, you guys will have to make up new strategies. Isn't it best to not inform us of when it is detected??? But just shut it down? Idk. VAC knows WHAT they did HOW they did it, and whether it worked... Idk. Probably not possible, cause they check this website, and probably have bought the cheat, so they know when it is detected... So if we eliminate the "whether it worked part" How do you guys know the exact date of detection? That should not be revealed, I feel. Cause they can then check what they did on that date. we should make it more vague and difficult for VAC to know what made the detection happen. VAC has it easier to attack you, than you to defend yourselves. Right? Cause VAC knows their system, can buy your hacks, and decompile it? I don't know.
  3. Isn't win rate of 100% humanly impossible without any form of cheating, exploiting or the like? I'd say it is.
  4. Watch ya language there, billy! I'm the censor Police! Yo, you joking with me? ME? YOU KNOW WHO I AM? THE CENSOR POLICE! Lol. What vulgar language. hmm.... lol.
  5. There is one thing, I think is pretty important that you've missed, and that's a screenshot of its VAC Status. Sure you've stated it in your comment that it has no vac bans, but a screenshot would do the trick. Not saying, I don't trust you, but when it comes to things like these, its pretty pertinent. A screenshot as proof - screenshots speak louder than words- unless photoshopped - I could say I sell an awesome cheat with everything packed into it including, lets say, Wallhack, and don't show a picture of it. Only an intro of all the other things beside the one thing - Wallhack etc. I have no intention of harming your sale, by no means. Hope you understand. Sorry if you by any chance felt offended by this. Have a good day.
  6. Dude

    OIG banned?

    The box is a mystery of life: The answer to all life on the universe: that's the answer. All preeminent lifeforms originated from this box, the box, of which has been passed down since the ages of ancient times. At that age, the life on earth, were at the state of war. Warring states intervened with the life cycle, of prominent life. The backlash was that the inferior race of life on earth, were at the point of extinction. While the Warring states of far way galaxies intervened, the box became the shield of the life cycle. To this day today, it has been passed down from ancient generations. As a result, lifeforms surpassing even the most sophisticated lifeforms, evolved, thus the product of us, and the use of Intelligence. To this day, it hasn't been revealed to no one, but the chosen ones. It is, thus the result of such preeminent life forms of us, that has transcended, and evolved into such sophisticated beings, that even defied life itself. To this day, it has been all because of the box, without it, the world would just be a lone, deviated place. Now you all should be thankful to this box, and thankful that it hasn't been revealed. Without the box, the life as we know it would be astray.
  7. Firstly, as Erbhy said. Secondly, as in stealing, do you mean stealing from other steam accounts or the Steam server itself? Clarify please. If your words are true, why are you sharing it with us? You could just use it for yourself and sell it, profitting from it.
  8. I had my suspicions but this proves it, unless he has anything to back it up, which I doubt. Welcome though. When buying stuff, the customer/buyer/purchaser has the right to see the product (Account in this case) thoroughly, etc. Before buying it. Use caution, or if not sure use a middle man.
  9. Welcome to Chods, Make yourself feel at home (Hehe), and enjoy your stay. Any questions? Don't hesitate to create threads; as much as you want - Whenever needed. However; Creating multiple threads, about the same thing won't speed it up. Just saying. Though you can bump it, if it gets too "old" or it hasn't been answered yet, and is buried. Sincere Regards, Dude
  10. I eat standard food. The ussual routine. Bread with things on top. Though for dinner I eat meat, and soup. Well you know, the standard routine. In school I mostly eat fruits, (Apples, pears)
  11. What the... What is the purpose of this thread, either way, hey At least we are enjoying ourselves,
  12. Zherlong has now been promoted to a TROLL! Congratulations Zherlong!
  13. No joke, this actually crossed my mind But don't you worry. Chod is not going to be that reckless to get into a car accident, I think. Now this is weird. I wish you Good Luck on your path of life Chod, and everyone here Now what are the odds. 1 in a billion? Depends... As long as he takes care of his life, everything will be fine. Eat healthy work out for sometime to be in shape (or at least be healthy enough to support yourself.) 30 minutes workout. Lots of fun etc. 30 to 60 minutes of homework (if any) Take care. If he by some chance goes to heaven he'll be waiting for us, and work on his cheat there. Like freeze time, and work on it for 30 years and resume it again. Corporate with God and send it to earth by making a reincarnation of himself. He'll be waiting for us, and we'll meet in heaven.
  14. I am still in my too young 130's Welcome to Chods-Cheats MuK
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